lunes, 11 de mayo de 2015

The Prendiparte Tower

Imagine sleeping in a 900-year-old tower in the heart of a medieval town in Italy. You can fulfill this fantasy in Bologna, where the Prendiparte Tower, one of the few remaining towers in town, has been converted into a bed & breakfast consisting of one multi-level suite. It sleeps up to four people but it is generally reserved by couples, especially to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday or simply to spend aromantic night in a magical building suffused with history.
“It is a place that emphasizes feelings, that allows you to dream, to test the sensitivity of your partner, his or her attention to the peculiar, the historical, the beautiful,” saysthe tower’s owner, Matteo Giovanardi, a jovial Bolognese man who inherited the tower in 1972 from his father, who had bought it both to make an investment and to fulfill his passion for historical buildings. Giovanardi himself lived in the tower before transforming it into a B&B. “Living in such a place allows you to completely isolate yourself from the outside world, to really be alone with yourself. It amplifies your senses. Protected by the thick ancient walls, your emotions are more easily released.”

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