martes, 29 de abril de 2014

Norman Fischer House / Louis Kahn

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Ria Leigh

Ria Leigh is a textile and ceramic artist whose work focuses on form, function, and color. Her work is situated within a matrilineal succession of makers and is influenced by her research on ancient cultural iconography, esoteric symbolism, pioneer practicality & Bauhaus ideology. via artnau

lunes, 28 de abril de 2014

The magic labyrinth

Josep Pujiula i Vila (b.1937), a textile worker, around 1980 began creating a labyrinthic landscape on a plot of land in a curve of the river Fluvià in Catalonia, Spain, near the village of Argelaguer.
He made cabins, towers, bridges, walkways, using the trees and all the natural material in situ, knitting twigs into mazes and connecting wooden poles and planks with nails and ropes.
However, spring 2012 the authorities and the owner of the land made the decision that the wooden structures of the Labyrinth should be dismantled, because their stability could not be guaranteed, the constructs could be dangerous in case of fire and they had been constructed without any permit.

In Pujiula's honor and to document his Labyrinth a movie has been made by Solanum Films, which has been presented to the inhabtitants of Argelaguer in the summer of 2013...

Full movie here: vimeo

Dumbo Warehouse by Jason Busch

domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

Cooper Residence / Gwathmey Siegel Kaufman Architects

The Cooper Residence by Gwathmey Siegel Kaufman Architects in Orleans, Massachusetts, 1968. via roomonfire

sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

Something I would like to have #0 / Charlotte Perriand bloc cabinet


Gallerist Melissa Loughnan and social entrepreneur Simon Griffiths recently became the new owners of Gustov, a British blue.

“This used to be Tai’s place [artist Tai Snaith]. She moved out and wanted to keep it ‘in the family’ and offer it to friends and we were lucky enough to take over the lease. I work from home on Mondays and Tuesdays as well as in the mornings before the gallery opens. Both of us are self-employed so we’re always working around the kitchen table on our laptops (and we’re trying to enforce a ‘no laptops upstairs in the bedroom’ rule). There’s an office downstairs: computer programmers and designers. It works out well – they keep to business hours and get work done. There are always people coming in and out for meetings, so it keeps things interesting. I was in East Melbourne before. It was tiny, like a hotel room! It had a little kitchen and bathroom, but I never felt confined, because half of the area is parklands. This space is generous by comparison. We can have dinner parties. In East Melbourne, when I had people over for dinner, we’d have to have picnics on the ground or eat on the bed! My favourite artworks are those that have a personal story or memory for me. 

Photographs by Paul Barbera (grazie Paul!). Paul works across Australia, Europe and the US on editorial, artistic and commissioned projects. His book Where They Create was published by FRAME in 2011.