lunes, 28 de abril de 2014

The magic labyrinth

Josep Pujiula i Vila (b.1937), a textile worker, around 1980 began creating a labyrinthic landscape on a plot of land in a curve of the river Fluvià in Catalonia, Spain, near the village of Argelaguer.
He made cabins, towers, bridges, walkways, using the trees and all the natural material in situ, knitting twigs into mazes and connecting wooden poles and planks with nails and ropes.
However, spring 2012 the authorities and the owner of the land made the decision that the wooden structures of the Labyrinth should be dismantled, because their stability could not be guaranteed, the constructs could be dangerous in case of fire and they had been constructed without any permit.

In Pujiula's honor and to document his Labyrinth a movie has been made by Solanum Films, which has been presented to the inhabtitants of Argelaguer in the summer of 2013...

Full movie here: vimeo

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