viernes, 4 de julio de 2014

Summer, New England by Brian Ferry

Brian Ferry is NY-based photographer we don't need to present much because he is a splendid story-teller himself and presents his way of seeing life through his images. Mastermind of light and simple details, Brian is a poet of things we look at but don't see. His homeland project is a pure feast.

"I grew up in Connecticut and I really enjoy summertime in New England. There are many cliches about New England summers - the ocean, Cape Cod, lobster rolls, etc. All of these are probably true, but for me, there is something more subtle and expansive about summertime in New England. I think about colors and sounds and smells - a particular shade of green, a lonely fog, an open window, sticky and humid nights, a rum hangover, sitting on the porch in a thunderstorm. The necessity of changing your routine to deal with the heat & humidity, fleeing the sweltering city for the countryside, the sound of cicadas. I hate to romanticize things, and this is more about personal memory. This series of photos is my attempt to translate the feeling of my summers into images."

Words: Brian Ferry, Thisispaper

Photography: Brian Ferry

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