lunes, 14 de mayo de 2012

Buck house by Rudolf Schindler

Buck House  (1934), Los Angeles, CA

The Buck House is one of Schindler’s projects closely tied to the International Style. The architect demonstrated his use of geometry in order to communicate his theory of Space Architecture in this project. Unlike many of Schindler’s projects, the Buck House is situated on a flat site surrounded by other residences. The horizontal arrangement of the house is emphasized by its flat roofs of different heights that appear to float above the house due to a continuous strip of windows.The program of the Buck House includes three bedrooms and three garages located at street level, with a one-bedroom apartment that sits on top. Its layout is made up of two L-shapes that actually interlock three-dimensionally. The house is visually opened in the back, where the house embraces and acts as a frame around the patio. The overall structure is made up of wood frame with stucco.

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