viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Babylonstoren // An Exceptional Country Getaway in South Africa

Even if you’re convinced that you don’t need another holiday break because your summer vacations were so great, once you set your eyes upon Babylonstoren, you’ll feel like you need to pack your traveler’s bag filled with designers overalls, All-Stars and some t-shirts and head off to South Africa’s Cape Winelands to play it ‘chic’ McDonald!  Although the flight is long, you will definitely feel rewarded once you check into this luxurious herbaceous rustic charm hotel.
Babylonstoren is one of the best preserved farm yards in the Cape Dutch dating back to 1690, while the manor house dates back to 1777.  Something we really like is that the owners of Babylonstoren have recorded its history which dates back to 1652 and is readily available on their website.  Furthermore, the ''Koornhuis (a ‘house’ for storing wheat and hay), and the old cellar are also exceptionally fine.  An ornate fowl house, pigeon loft, leaning bell tower and historic gates embellish a traditional courtyard surrounded by a low, whitewashed wall.'' Karen Roos and her team envisioned the restoration of the deluxe preserved werfs (farm yards) to create Babylonstoren – an exceptional country getaway, a working farm that is also a luxury hotel, where guests can enjoy the ultimate pleasure of hand-picking their own crops and experience how it feels to play it on the safe side and be a ‘chic’ farmer.
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