jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

Ryan Korban

At 26 years old, Ryan Korban has managed to reign king of downtown NYC's interior design space. He's spearheaded numerous covetable commercial and residential projects, mixing his use of old-world ideals, most notably his innate sense of lost romance. His extensive work with Alexander Wang (he recently just completed Wang's new shop on Mercer Street in NYC) has been well documented globally, and his celebrity clientele reads like a list of NYC's finest it kids: Jessica Stam, James Franco, Vanessa Traina, and Natasha Poly. His approach and mantra is simple: he toys with the idea that our living space can be exact and polished - while still comfortable and supremely livable. With a spectacular captivating eye, Korban is one of the most meticulous self-made and untrained stylists today, ensuring that the spaces he defines are both attractive and inspirational. His technique is to incorporate something unbelievably ornate, rich, or brazen and strip these unique pieces of all its aforementioned connotations. The result is something that has come to define the Ryan Korban style.

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