miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2012


 A garage in Madrid, Spain which stood abandoned and untouched since the 1940s has been transformed into a shared workspace for social entrepreneurs by Churtichaga + Quadra + Salcedo Arquitectos (CH+QS). The architects for the Madrid Hub Offices decided to leave the garage’s interior largely as it was. The peeling paint was left, but a special resin has been applied to keep the paint intact, allowing for all the engravings, scratches and scores of its old life as a garage to remain.
What the CH+QS architects did change was the garage’s energy efficiency. The interior shell has been isolated and added an underfloor heating and cooling system, which allows for an efficient way for heating and cheap to install. Natural light is provided through the skylights in the open plan central room, which serves as the main collaboration and workspace. Side rooms have been lined with recycled wool felt serve as the private meeting and work rooms. The hub has also been furnished with recycled furniture and modular arrangements were designed from wooden fruit crates, which are also used as stools, support, coffee.
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