martes, 8 de diciembre de 2015

Be Paper launches their project at Yurbban

Last week, at the Hotel Yurbban in Barcelona, we had the pleasure of celebrating the launch of Be Paper, a new e-commerce platform with which we hope to revolutionise the world of posters.
The event took place in an exquisite space in the hotel located on Trafalgar Street in Barcelona, a lively area in the heart of the city. Our guests were able to enjoy the exhibition, which included some of our most iconic posters, in the elegant, vintage atmosphere of the hotel, a cosy space replete with good taste where materials and colours come together to form a distinct style inspired on the 50s in every detail. Given its perfect location, the exquisite design of the space, and the value which Yurbban places on cultural initiatives, there is no doubt that it was the ideal venue for such an important event.
As a result, the exhibition was not only an unforgettable evening, but also a perfect symbiosis of two teams with the same vision.
For all your support, for allowing us the use of your marvellous space, but most importantly for believing in us and in Be Paper, we want to say “thanks a million” to all of you on the Yurbban team.

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