martes, 31 de marzo de 2015

Passeig de Concepció, Barcelona / Katty Schiebeck

Placed in one of the most quoted passages of Barcelona, we find an outdated and dark building which has been recover into a pretty apart-hotel of seven apartments. 

Taking advantage of the originality of the clear existent structure, all the interior have been designed to enhance the natural light of each level. Due to this fact, the apartments have been design with open spaces and diagonal paths to the exterior; as well to benefit them with the feeling of open spaces and luminosity, were installed huge windows. 

Katty Schiebeck interior designs are a save bet. Those,inspired by the same light, expect to provide the space with austerity, by using not to many elements,owners of enough personality, to define each space. 

Her always correct combination of materials served with an exquisite design pieces make these apartments a desirable place for a stay at the center of the city.

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