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Leth & Gori / Brick house

LETH & GORI is a young Danish architecture office founded by Uffe Leth and Karsten Gori.Their identity and philosophy that speaks through extremely rafined works calls: "Design is about making the right decisions. Sometimes design is doing everything. Sometimes design is doing nothing." In this amazing project they pose a question: What if a house can last at least five generations instead of two? By revisiting materials and solutions from historic houses which have proven to be robust and have a long life span a new type of contemporary sustainable house is created. Danish design wins today.

"Brick House has two main objectives; to create a house which is maintenance free for 50 years; and to create a house with a life span of minimum 150 years. Brick House is based on a vision of a house that is alive and can breathe. This vision is realised by reducing the wall construction of the house to one material; clay. By using clay blocks and bricks a solid and homogeneous and first of all simple outer wall is created. This outer wall is diffusion-open thus allowing the building to breathe just like the traditional solid brick houses that have proven to last. In addition the reduction to one wall material reduces the number of joints between different materials and the potential building mistakes that these joints traditionally causes. The solid brick walls result in a robust and healthy house with a long lifespan, good indoor climate and low maintenance. Brick House rediscovers knowledge and techniques from traditional brick houses in Denmark. 
Especially the houses from the era of the National Association for Better Building Traditions [Bedre Byggeskik] from the beginning of the 20’est century has served as examples. As the name suggests these houses have a strong focus on creating buildings that are built well with good technical solutions, craftsmanship and materials.”

Words: Leth & Gori, Thisispaper
Photography: Laura Stamer/Stamers Kontor

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