lunes, 10 de febrero de 2014

Carolina Iriarte

Our curator Ruben Ortiz shoots together with Natalia Guarín a Carolina L. Iriarte´s interview for Freunde von Freunden.

Barcelona has always been a city known for it’s cultural and artistic richness, as well as it’s tremendous quality of life. It has been a source of inspiration for countless artists who initially come for a year and are then slowly drawn into it’s beauty and find themselves establishing their life and work there. Such is the case for designer and entrepreneur Carolina L. Iriarte.
Carolina came to Barcelona in 2006 to study in the famous Massana School and continue her education after finishing Fine Arts, Art Direction & Set Design in Buenos Aires. However, she never began. Finding a job working alongside a local shoe designer, for the next two years she learned the ins and outs of the trade before starting her own project in 2009, designing unique handmade leather bags.
Always using her hands, Carolina succeeds in creating one of a kind purses with the level of quality you seem only to find with antiques, they too are meant to last. Iriarte Iriarte, Carolina’s project, continues to grow and is fast becoming internationally recognized. Her studio and showroom is located in the heart of Barcelona in Plaza Real. This square is a window to the world, with all walks of life crossing through on any given day providing a continuous stream of energy and source of inspiration for each collection. This newly refurbished flat is illuminated with Barcelona’s singular warm light. Carolina’s carefully selected antique furniture present Iriarte Iriarte´s newest creation enveloped by the sounds of old tunes from her vinyl collection. The fantastic open space allows each bag a place for display in an environment where simplicity and elegance are the key. 

Photo: Ruben Ortiz & Natalia Guarín
Interview: Natalia Guarin
via freundevonfreunden

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