viernes, 24 de enero de 2014

Richard Neutra in Europe

Bewo Estate I Neutra's first project to be accomplished in Europe after World War II: a dense estate of detached houses near Frankfurt Airport, nowadays partly spoiled by subsequent alterations. Richard Neutra in Europe 

Buildings and projects 1960 - 1970

From May 8-August 1, 2010, the exhibition Richard Neutra in Europe runs at the MARTa Herford Museum in Germany. Richard Neutra is one of the noted architects of the 20th Century, most-known for his mid-century modern villas in California. However his final creative years spent in Europe have been less studied. Last year, Iwan Baan documented all of Neutra's projects in Europe, focusing on how the projects are being used by people today. The exhibition shows many buildings that had never before been documented, including the Pescher House in Wuppertal, created five years before the architect's death in the same city. The exhibition of photographs and architecture models shape a greater understanding of Neutra's cumulative vision in both completed and unrealized projects. 

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