domingo, 5 de enero de 2014

Joris Brouers & Nicky Zwaan

The trees are still in their infancy, the streets are still tidy with paving hardly showing any signs of use. And most houses in Amsterdam IJburg look even tidier. IJburg is Amsterdam’s youngest neighborhood. Some ten years ago the artificial island was just a sandy, windswept desert. Once presented as the place-to-be for urban pioneers, the suburban area is now packed with mostly dull looking houses and the strong winds continue to sweep through the streets.
However, fortunately when it comes to architecture, there are exceptions. Artists Joris Brouwers and Nicky Zwaan made their bet on IJburg seven years ago when the city offered a limited number of open plots: build whatever you want. Most people hired an architect and construction company, and erected their dream house. Joris and Nicky took matters in their own hands, and designed, built, finished, and furnished their house almost completely themselves. The result is an impressive yet modest dwelling that fuses visual design with architecture, and high-end sustainability with ancient construction materials. We got to know the couple a little better as they gave us the grand tour through their habitable creation. via FreundenvonFreunde

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