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Snog productions / Faith Blakeney

Snog Productions is a video and editorial production company based in L.A. Their super green office space is designed by the talented Faith BlakeneyHere's Faith's story about this cool project.

"At Call Me Faith Design Studio we like to keep it green. We do this by using sustainable materials where we can, and plants to fill an environment with life and love. All of our desks are either custom made with reclaimed wood, or beautiful vintage pieces found at flea markets and the likes. The plants add a fresh, colorful design element, while oxygenating the air.

Our client, Deborah Burch, runs an ultra-hip, 360 degree commercial print, video and editorial production company called
Snog Productions. Her client list includes the likes of Bose, Sony, Motorola, GQ, Italian Vogue and UK Glamour.

In terms of the design, the key was to respect the industrial bones of the space while bringing the outdoors in, to create an environment which is as livable (and breathable!) as it is functional. Deborah’s team often spend long hours in the space, so it is essential that the loft serves as a workspace as well as a refuge. We did not want to use precious floor space for plants, as this production studio at times holds as many as 15 employees and countless boxes full of production material.Woolly Pockets provided us with the perfect way to bring nature into the space without taking up square footage!

Our vision for the space was 2 fold. The main office space (downstairs) brings nature inside, and with the large windows of the loft, almost gives the sense of being in a greenhouse. On the mezzanine we created the executive lounge. An intimate, inviting place where the CEO can meet with important clients. It is designed more like a living room, with a fantastic green view, thanks to our vertical garden. The insect theme in the bathroom was inspired by all of the nature in the space, and adds a touch of creepy humor and curiosity to an often forgotten room".  

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