viernes, 11 de octubre de 2013

Frank Leder

Through an immaculate set of wrought iron doors in a classic Charlottenburg altbau apartment building,Frank Leder’s studio for his eponymous fashion label can be found. Guests are greeted by his Welsh Springer Spaniel, Atsuki. Every good hunter has his own hound, and this is also true for the towering and eloquent Bavarian. However, rather than a man of the land, he is an urban hunter and collector of stories that are translated into high end tailored garments for the modern gentleman. His studio is filled with objects of significance. Abandoned 60 year old conserve jars find a place on his window sill filtering the light of day alongside a handmade sling shot and countless gifted artworks from artist friends. These possessions hold a particular fascination and reflect a distant world of obsolete social codes and rituals.
Growing up in the city of Nuremberg, Frank was always interested in outdoor adventures as a boy. He fondly recounts time spent foraging mushrooms in the forest and going fishing with his father. This romantic memory of childhood remained with him while studying fashion at Central St. Martins in London. This distance allowed him to appreciate his cultural roots. With traditional cuts and the use of vintage trimmings, Frank seeks to create and convey a sense of ‘Germanness’ in his work and has developed a select and loyal following. His vision is not only translated in the medium of clothing. Whether it be his line of grooming products, Tradition, or a new collaborative furniture project, this true creative is not content to stay comfortable with his success. 

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