martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013

Casa Reais

The concept of first comprehending the existing house and then visualizing it as one in mind, the architects from Concheiro de Montard decided to make the most of the lighting possibilities of the ‘Casas Reais’, using the two existing natural light sources in the house.
On one side, the house extends to the gallery embracing the sunlight and the views of the old town. On the other side, the small existing windows are perceived as a whole, creating a space with pleasant and changing brightness throughout the day. Under this new concept, the house is conceived as a collection of spaces with specific character. The rooms become visible due to the articulations and expansions of the space through furniture design. The furniture harmonizes and allows to a continuous perception of the space. The existing stone wall, with its lime mortar texture, is shown to its fullest, connecting the living room – kitchen – master bed room in a sequence of spaces. The wooden gallery integrates visually with the interior space through the new carpentry work, which serves as a filter between the indoor and outdoor environments. via ignant

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