lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

Mercedes Hernáez & Alejandro Sticotti

Mercedes Hernáez lovingly refers to her home on the outskirts of Buenos Aires as a garden with a roof. Indeed, the open and transparent space seems to blur its limits, paying tribute to the rich greenery that surrounds it. Designed by her partner, the architect and designer Alejandro Sticotti, the house is full of objects that tell a story. Crafts bought on various trips to North Argentina, photographs signed by artist friends and books that evoke memories of past times – Mercedes refers to them as “treasures of everyday life”.
Sitting down in the kitchen, drinking coffee and talking about the process of building their home brings up larger conversations: the story of the couple’s relationship and of Buenos Aires’ unique character. Alejandro tells us about his love of wood, which paired with a penchant for clean lines, characterizes the furniture he designs and produces in the busy Palermo neighbourhood. Mercedes works a few steps away from him. Heading to the city center by car means crossing the urban jungle, past construction sites and eight-lane highways, before arriving at her charming studio and shop, Mono. Besides selling handpicked goods from independent designers, Mercedes creates mini guides of Buenos Aires and a very special collection of notebooks. Sitting on a vine-covered patio, the day is spent discussing the power of collaborations, a warehouse full of old wallpapers and her dreams of discovering hidden projects in a city in a continuous state of change. via freundevonfreunden

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