lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013

Little Big House

The Little Big House is located upon the eastern slopes of Mount Wellington, high above Hobart in Tasmania. The siting is mindful of its context; positioned close to and perpendicular to the curvilinear Huon Road. The house, on a vacant lot between established houses and gardens, is defensive and diagrammatic. Tucked carefully between cadastral constraints and a magnificent birch tree, the footprint has been kept deliberately small. The dwelling is stacked across two levels which step to match the undulating terrain. It’s just a box.

A clean volume with two exceptions; a service core and an entry air-lock. The house is designed to be intensely private. Apertures are purposefully positioned to create pure window types opening to either garden, sky or shadow. Polycarbonate cladding on the eastern and western facades render luminous shadow walls which enable the house to be concurrently light and contained. via thisispaper

Status: Completed
Location: Fern Tree / Tasmania / Australia
Team: Thomas Bailey / Megan Baynes
Photographer: Ben Hosking
Words: Courtesy of Room11

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