miércoles, 7 de agosto de 2013

Karena Schuessler

They are earnest and discreet, wear black and have minimally furnished habitats. This is the stereotype of a gallerist at least. But a walk through the door of Karena Schuessler‘s Charlottenburg apartment reveals the exact opposite: a hallway without a cloakroom, instead, a kitchen with a fireplace. And the workroom holds surprises for unsuspecting visitors, who may stumble over the mane of a zebra pelt or bump into the bright green racing bike propped against the wall.
What may seem like a quirky and eclectic safari collection is actually part of a very sophisticated, yet cozy combination of interior treasures. This is the home of the owner of Karena Schuessler Gallery Contemporary Design Art. Having once worked as a shoe designer in Florence and Paris, this Hanover native now passionately devotes herself to collecting and selling unique and design pieces.
Design Art involves limited-editions and highly individual pieces, situated within the context of fine art and design. Consequently, Karena’s apartment is full of special objects, which have to be protected. Her sleepy-looking rhinoceros takes good care of this. via freundevonfreunden

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