miércoles, 31 de julio de 2013

A house of Tiles / Welsh + Major Architects

Haberfield, NSW

This house is a conglomeration of small scale decisions, each a response to a specific requirement. The existing house was typical of many federation houses: a freestanding bungalow that has been added to sometime in the sixties or seventies. The original house had been further closed in on, the block being subdivided sometime in the 1950’s. Our brief was to reinvigorate the house for a family of four- reinstating the dignity of the original home and re connecting it with new garden spaces.
The new pavilion from a distance reads as a terracotta volume, defined by surrounding ridge lines and building setbacks: it is intended to act as a stitch in the streetscape, responding to the requirements of context using a familiar palette. via welshmajor

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