sábado, 29 de junio de 2013

Le laberinthe de Xavier Corberó

Xavier Corbero, considered by many to be Spainís premier living sculptor, is finally settling into his dream home, a sprawling labyrinth of buildings seamlessly blending 17th with 21st century elements. After 40 years of design and creation, the compound has itself become a habitable sculpture, reflecting the artistsí vision. Located in the town of Esplugues de Llobregat, so named for the twisting maze of manmade caves it rests upon, some dating to Roman times, Corbero's walled suite of structures wind down a quiet lane in a suburb of the revitalized Barcelona. Decades ago, Corbero managed to rescue this tumble of ancient masia from a planned highway off-ramp. Occupying one of those doomed buildings, Corbero, at the time a starving artist, began a crusade to buy and preserve much of the town. His original vision of the property has since expanded to include a retreat for artists, studio spaces, workshops, a foundry, dozens of surreal chambers for residents and guests, sprawling galleries, living rooms, a myriad of hobbit nooks all connected by serpentine stairways filling over 10,000 square meters. Indeed, even after spending a week within Corberoís domain, a visitor can discover previously overlooked wings. And more than one foreign guest has found it easier to locate their host within the enclave by placing an international call. "There are some buildings I haven't seen in over a year," confides the gracious yet elusive host. Yet despite the amplitude, the effect is not overwhelming. via psihoyos ad

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