lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013

Win a ledge 45°-30°-15° designed by Reborn Recraft Atelier

"In Reborn we give a second life to discarded objects. Through a creative process we produce unique pieces, furniture and other objects made ​​by hand and with great attention to detail. 
With the gaze that discover the beauty that years and use gives to simple objects, Reborn Recraft Atelier was born as an initiative that combines good design with responsible consumption through artistic recycling. 
Between Berlin and Barcelona a team of designers and artists produce for Reborn Recraft Atelier". Check their website 

In this Ledge they combine, as usual, industrial, rough elements with the most delicate and full of character, creating this piece, which despite its size, acts as a trigger, changing the atmosphere of the space where it is placed. 

Do you like it?
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2 comentarios:

  1. This is lovely. I'm also all about recycling object and materials to give them a new life.
    Have a look at my jewellery made from recycled leather.

    Melodie X

  2. Lovely old many things though it's history.
    LUV IT!!