domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013

Marcia Krygier

If being a set designer for your own life was a job, Marcia Krygier would be an industry hotshot. Setting foot in her house in Belgrano compares to entering a theater featuring a very special show, where she plays the main character and all secondary roles while creating wonderful backdrops on- the-go. Guiding us through the various stages of her fascinating life, she discusses her disappointment with studying architecture, her brief stint in the New York gastro scene and her role as a private chef for a wealthy family, to the pleasure she takes in teaching people the magic of cooking and sharing a meal.
Her huge collection of tableware and household props make sure there’s always something to choose from to create exactly the mood she envisions. It’s no coincidence that the orange, blue and black tones in her outfit are perfectly mirrored in the table set to serve tea – which incidentally is blood orange-flavored. It is safe to say that everything Marcia owns is beautiful, while her extraordinary sense of composition takes the single items to a whole new dimension. The second act takes place in her studio space in Colegiales. It becomes operatic when Marcia suddenly turns on a powerful and dramatic singing voice, but does so with seemingly effortless ease. A minute later, she slips into her cooking apron and turns into a chef while making lunch and chatting away. What remains after this extraordinary day is the certainty that the connecting thread of Marcia’s different characters, from the stylist to the chef, is extremely good taste. viafreundevonfreunden

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