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For close to 25 years, decorative-arts dealers Laurence and Patrick Seguin have championed the work of a handful of French modernists. The couple’s home is a tribute to their shared passion.via architecturaldigest

 The Seguins’ apartment is on the ground floor of a 17th-century mansion in the Marais district.
Husband-and-wife design dealers Patrick (left) and Laurence Seguin stand in their Paris living room, among some of their best-loved possessions. Under the Richard Prince nurse painting, an Alexander Calder mobile rests on a Charlotte Perriand/Ateliers Jean Prouvé table. The silkscreen (far left) is by Andy Warhol, and a Jean-Michel Basquiat pastel is displayed on the far right. The settee and chairs are by Pierre Jeanneret, and the cocktail table is another Perriand/Prouvé creation.
Prouvé Standard school chairs surround the dining room’s Jeanneret conference table; the shelves are by Perriand/Prouvé, and the parquet de Versailles floor is 18th century.
Patrick's study features a wall of artworks by Richard Kern, David Noonan, Sam Durant, Carol Bove, and others; Jeanneret and Perriand designed the desk and swivel chair, while the lounge chair is by Prouvé.

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