viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013

Sofa xxxx by Yuya Ushida

A chair becomes a sofa, and a sofa becomes a chair. Whenever I see it the beauty of the simple geometrical structure and its repetition always fascinates me. SOFA_XXXX is made of just 4 different lengths of sticks, rings and joints. The parts on their own don’t seem to be special, but when put together in a regular pattern their beauty appears. It can be contracted, which makes it easier for transportation. While contracted it can be even used as a chair.  When you saw SOFA_XXXX, you might have thought it is an art piece. However he prefers to focus on our daily life rather than making an art. They chose to use plastic injection molding. And you can click in to build it up. It consists of only 8 elements, you can make many shapes. Examples; Sofa, Stool, Table and Bench etc. via openhousebcn


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