jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

Claire Cotrell

Claire Cottrell was born in Southern California, but spent her childhood moving to a variety of places across the globe: From Kentucky to the Swiss Alps. Places that have definitely contributed on her perspective on life and the richness of opportunities it has to offer. When Claire invited us to her home in Mount Washington, we discovered that she had moved in less than a month ago. She kindly gave us a tour of her new home, and eventually we browsed some of her cherished books from her collection, while her friend was beautifully arranging flowers all over the home.
Claire recently opened up an online art book store called Book Stand, which specializes in artists’ books, zines, high concept publications and limited-run films, and caters to those looking for inspiration and unique visual pleasures. Her career began in landscape architecture, and then moving into art direction for films and commercials, eventually beginning directing videos and films. After conversing for a bit in her backyard about her fascination with plants and fantastical children stories, we decided to take a hike to a neighboring hill in Mount Washington just as the sky started to radiate with late afternoon colors. via freundevonfreunden

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