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Forest House / Atelier ST

On a large wooded estate dominated by pine trees there is a new wooden house. In the middle of the forest, near a crystal clear lake there is the ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the nature. Originally a simple wooden summer house from 1926 stood on this property in the southern area of city of Berlin. That outwardly charming cottage had previously been in such a desolate condition that the renovation work was simply out of the question.
However, it was a conceptual approach to reproduce the atmosphere of the dark forest cottage, its proportions and the simplicity of the construction from the weekend wooden cottage. The building was placed exactly on the original site, in the heart of the property. The building was built as a complete wooden structure.
The exterior is clad in a dark brown glazed pinewood sheathing. In its simple form and the reserved appearance it succeeds in integrating with the pristine natural surroundings in such a way that it gives you the impression it has been there forever. At the same time the external appearance with a gently overhanging roof and a dark wooden façade plays with the myths and fairytales of dwellings found deep in the forest.
The dark building has been emphasised by a building alcove or few consciously placed façade openings with extra-wide cladding frames. In colour contrast to the dark brown building, the openings and frames were painted in a simple white. Moreover, these colour tones focus on the interior which is lined with white painted pinewood sheathing at all sides.
The building’s large west-facing alcove makes it possible to have a protected and a slightly elevated place to sit whilst being surrounded by nature even during inclement weather. The beauty of the area can also be enjoyed from the interior- through the wide bay window which stretches the whole length of the façade giving a peaceful and serine picture like view of the forest.

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Location: In den Kuscheln 3, Klein Köris, Groß Köris, Germany
Words: Courtesy of Atelier ST

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