domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

Rejon, Selectet works

"Rejon is a very young brand which was founded in early 2012. The main idea behind it is to use regional resources in all ranges. For every Project we build up our own network of producers and craftsman which are one the most important resources of a region. The other side is that every region has its own special infrastructure(culture, language, skills, ect..) and existing nature materials. For example: For the Project “Deer/Hirsch” we build up a network containing a lumbermill which fell a special type of local beechwood. Hainbuche is very hard and used for the former coachbuilding. So we decided to search for carpenters around berlin who could work with a solid wood like this. The result was a series of very light tables and chairs that carry the symbolism of localness in their design. The light kink which remembers a deer. 
Other projects like the lamptable play with the possiblity of standardisation in limited edition. Flexible modern cnc technics and specialiced craftsmenship build a small network in a distance circle smaller then 50km. Berlin has a cluster infrastructure of this flexible workshops so it offers the possibility to produce small series like this.
Every Projects starts with an analization of the occurrence of possible manufacturing process, materials and skills to design products for the daily use. Rejon is derived form a local dialect and means simply region."
Words and photos: Courtesy of Franz Dietrich  via

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