lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

Francesca Venezia residence, Decio Tozzi.

The complex brief for this residence, the main house of the venezia Farm in Valinhos, Sao Paulo, required three distinct sections: dwelling for the parents, dwelling for the married daughters and dwelling for the sons that had specific needs that should be complied with. The site in which the house was located is part of a small valley within the region characterized by a sea of hills adjoining the Serra dos Cristais mountain range. The site lies on the mountain side where, historically, the old coffe plantation had its flat terraces, displayed as staggered platforms, on which the coffe beans where spread to dry. The cyclopean retaining walls built by slaves in the eighteenth century to prevent the terraces from wearing away were preserved and used for setting up the boundaries of the levels of the building.
In this regard the new use of the site superimposes on the man-made additions over the history of the evolution of the place thus contributing to the consolidation of the traces of the past. I therefore designed one single roof which goes along with the upper contour curve of the site and houses all the different sections required by the program. The design proposes one single central living space for the use of the whole family.
A generous veranda designed as a continous space is the element responsible for the transition between interior and exterior spaces and, at the same time, commands the entire view towards the landscape of the valley. via openhousebcn

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