sábado, 25 de agosto de 2012

Das Canoas House

Designed by Niemeyer in 1951 as his family home, Das Canoas House is considered one of the most significant examples of modern architecture in Brazil and is well recognized by specialists in art history as a synthesis of modern architecture and authorial self-creation that flourished in Europe and in America. Das Canoas House now is open to the public, offering visitors a permanent exhibition on Oscar Niemeyer.
The most interesting feature is the fusion of organic architecture and minimalist architecture.
As it is an obvious tribute to the Farnsworth House, Das Canoas puts geometric regularity in crisis, but does not alter the formal purity. From Mies design to Niemeyer's Das Canoas, its possible to see the evolution of reinforced concrete into a modern building material. The flexibility of the material was newly assumed and architects began to exploit this, many years after its resistance to bending was determined. via openhousebcn

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