martes, 24 de julio de 2012

Two Is Company

Like two princesses in a luxury castle, designer Dianna Karvounis and architect Vivian Philippa are surrounded by their self-produced beauty in an elevated studio in uptown Athens, Greece
The only difference is that these two have no intention of waiting for the proverbial white knight, because they’ve already found what they were looking for in each other. Their fated meeting through a common friend led to a successful business partnership, whose origin was almost poetic: ''Our partnership was very organic,'' says Philippa, ''based on countless hours of productive conversation.'' Inspired by a sociological study on the Kalahari dessert - brought to their attention by an ambitious client – their first joint venture was to create a collection that would translate a theoretical text into a series of representative objects. The client was supposed to take her favorite designs into the next phase of large-scale production, but the negotiations broke down half way through. Not that this had any effect on their creative flow: ''We liked the idea so much that we kept working on it regardless, and once the Kalahari Collection was finished about six months later, we decided to display some of the items in our shop window,'' says Karvounis. ''Next thing you know, I receive a phone call from that same client, telling me she had seen something she wanted from our window display. As it turns out, it was the exact same thing we had designed for her, although she’d never actually laid eyes on the finished product!''

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