lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

Acme Furniture

Acme Furniture 2012
"Around 1985, when all the kids in the country were crazy about the movie “ Back to the Future,”I was travelling around America looking for my dream home. I was very young at the time, but I wanted to follow throught on the dream home I had pictured in my mind. In the fall of 1992, I found a small building lot in California and, scowling at my bank-book-which had little money left in it, I finally began to make a plan to build my own house. I will say that after a few years I ended getting up a house is now close to ideal for me as my residence taking everything into account".
Nov 14, 2011

No se si lo he dicho alguna vez pero me encantan los cuentos... y me encanta esta marca. Es por ello que dedico este post al precioso catalogo de esta temporada.

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