sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

10th Arrodissement, Loft at Paris

Most would be quick to consider inner-city living in Paris as a bit dense or congested, though quite comfortable in the grand scheme. This is part of the city’s charm and character, some would say, where creating your own pocket is part of life in the city. In particular, the elbow room of the 10th arrondissement has started to give way to some serious makeovers, and the results are notable. Set in the heart of the French urban hub, ‘the 10th’ of Paris is one of the more interesting areas of the city’s 20 administrative precincts. Recently more than a few hidden gems have been discovered and reworked. The trouble, of course, is finding the right time and opportunity to claim the perfect stake. The Bonnard family was lucky enough to seize a recent opportunity when they got word from a friend that an old insurance company was selling a property in the area, something that could easily be reworked.

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