lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012

Remote residence by Robert Nilsson

While designing this amazing residence, it is said that nothing has been left to chance and all the boundaries between land, sea and the shape of the house were blurred. You are looking at a building that brings the landscape indoors so that the inhabitants enjoy a panoramic view like no other. Designed by architect John Robert Nilsson and located in Värmdö, Sweden, this spectacular home only measures 250 square feet and was built from limestone, concrete, glass, black plaster, ash and steel frames.  For a project situated in such a fascinating location, its interior design had to live up to the high standards. Maximizing the existing living space was an important part of planning the home’s structure. The living room, along with the kitchen occupy almost half  of the building’s surface.  The private units of three bedrooms, three bathrooms and storage are mutually separated and fill gaps in communication and open-joint interaction.

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