domingo, 2 de octubre de 2011

Anne Shore

Ann Shore is the co-founder of Story, an influential market-style emporium in Spitalfields, London, selling art, jewellery, and vintage and new clothing, all displayed among strings of oyster shells and pieces of driftwood. She is also a stylist for Italian Vogue, L'Uomo and Casa magazines. (Story, 4 Wilkes Street, London E1; 020-7377 0313.)
Which pieces from this season's catwalk shows are on your wish list?Marni coats and dresses for the lovely retro femininity; little black dresses at Prada; and the soft ruffled raw-edged dresses at Alberta Ferretti and Philosophy. The construction is beautiful, almost like vintage couture.
Which was your favourite show this season? Comme des Garçons for the Victorian-inspired dresses and vintage veils, and their multi-cultural message of peace and love.
Who are your favourite designers of the moment? I admire the couture-inspired collections of Balenciaga and Rochas, the unique innovation of the Japanese - Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garçons - and the wearability of Prada and Marni.
Which trend will you be avoiding this season? Armani's knickerbockers.
Which pair of shoes has caught your eye recently? Long skinny boots by Dior. They have a tiny heel, but look so flat, so elegantly cut.
Which are the staple pieces in your wardrobe? Cashmere cardigans, vintage dresses and Spanish riding boots from Andalusia.
What do you wear when you are relaxing at home? Oversize white cotton men's shirts.
What is the biggest fashion mistake you have made? I have sometimes gone a bit mad with tons of tribal necklaces, when one is enough.
Which is your favourite shop abroad? 10 Corso Como, Milan ( ).
Which are you favourite hotels? The Hurricane Hotel in Tarifa, Spain ( ), and the Abbey Hotel in Penzance - small, intimate and pretty, with lovely food( ; 01736-366906).
Which is your favourite restaurant? The River Café, London W6 (020-7386 4200).
Who makes the best heels? Manolo Blahnik.
Trainers? Adidas, for their three-striped, almond-shaped classic.
Who is your favourite jeweller? I prefer costume and tribal jewellery. Peter Adler at Pebble has some beautiful pieces (020-7262 1775).
Which are the best jeans? Vintage Lee and Levi's.
Do you take any vitamins or supplements? No, I think a well-balanced organic diet is all that is needed.
Do you believe in alternative medicine? Yes, homoeopathy.
Which cosmetics would you be lost without? Organic rosewater to spray on my face and the ends of my hair - it's a lovely way of adding moisture.
What do you use in the bath? Organic essential oils: rosemary to invigorate in the morning; lavender to soothe in evening.
What is your exercise routine? A busy day.
Is there a diet that works for you? I do not diet, but I do eat organic food. I do not deprive myself of the things I enjoy.